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Innovative grand piano caster cups/insulators with effortless mobility


-Each coaster is equipped with 3 double casters, so a single person can move a grand piano easily.
Once the piano is settled, double brakes secure the piano in place.

-The piano is only raised by 0.5 inches when mounted. The main body is made with high quality beech
plywood to emphasizes the sound quality of a piano.

-The rounded, compact design has a stylish appearance, and it is made with stability and safety in mind.
It prevents injury by casters when heavy grand pianos are moved.

Grand Piano Transport Coaster

Color: Black
  • Material: Main body – Beech Plywood

    Size: 10.45 x 9.78 x 1.85 inches
              (265 x 250 x 47mm)

    Weight: 3lbs. (3pcs total 9lbs.)

    Maximum load weight: 1,322 lbs.

    Lifting height of piano: Approx. 0.5inches

    Made in Japan

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