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Cleaning & Maintenance
Hiro piano service Repair and Touch up inFountain Valley Orange County California

A piano is a large musical instrument, and it needs professional cleaning to avoid damage. With great maintenance your piano will last  generations. We provide professional clean & recondition service to  pianos.


The below is the process we use to refurbish all the used high gross finish pianos in our facility.

(Please note that we don't buff at your location unless requested)


1. Open the piano case and take all parts apart.

2. Vacuum all dusts inside piano.

3. Polish, buff, and wax lightly outside case.

4. Polish strings, pins & inside case, brass all metal parts such as hinges, locks, and foot pedals.

5. Clean all piano keys & whiten key fronts. Replace it if needed.

6. Check all bushing cloth and replace it if needed.

7. Change key felts & mute felts

8. Retighten screws.

9. Check fringe cords on action, replace if needed.

10. Put all parts back together.

11.Wax completely.

Finish Touch-Up & Repair

We're specialized in Piano Finish Work


*Repair dents, scratches and chips

*Touch-ups  finish, satin or high gross, lacquer ,polyester or any colors & wood grain.


Hiro Piano Service Repair Touch up in Or

*Repair or replacement of damaged parts as needed, including felt, hammer, action , key & strings.

*Adjustment, regulation, tuning, and voicing.

Buy and Sell
Hiro Piano Service Repair Touch up in Or

We purchase used pianos locally.
Please contact us if you have pianos you'd like to sell. We pay fare market  price for your piano.
Our movers pick up at your convenience time.

Also, we'll help you find a top quality used piano for purchase.


We work with tuners who have broad knowledge about Japanese pianos. Please contact us for a referral.

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